Dry Skin Brushing Treatment

This treatment is designed to exfoliate, removing dead skin cells by using a natural fiber brush with some friction.


Dry brushing has many potential benefits such as helping prevent premature ageing, increasing energy from increased blood flow, helping strengthen your immune system and stress relief. Keeps your skin glowing by removing dead skin cells and opening clogged pores. It will also help increase circulation of the lymphatic system which promotes the neutralization of toxins from the body.



At Harmony Tree we start by brushing the soles of your feet and then begin working your way up your body with long strokes, towards your heart, which is the way the lymph system flows naturally. After that move up the arms, shoulders and down the back. Then we will have you lay on your back and we will brush the front of your legs, move up to the stomach by a clockwise motion  and finally move up to the front of the arms and down to  the chest.


You can enjoy this wonderful treatment up to 2 times per week.




Dry Skin Brushing







45 min





60 min




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