Mission statement

Harmony Tree Therapeutic Massage & Day Spa is a quality day spa offering therapeutic massage and relaxation for people who are interested in maintaining a healthy mind and body. We believe that the elimination of stress, pain and muscle tension is one of the best ways to achieve improvement and maintain of overall well being.

Harmony Tree Therapeutic Massage & Day Spa will improve your life through physical and mental rejuvenation. Self esteem and balance of health and wellness are achieved when you find your own special place of calm. This is what we aim to provide at Harmony Tree Therapeutic Massage & Day Spa!

The founder: Panatda Chuensirisunthon has a physiotherapy background and since 2010 has pursued a passion for massage and spa treatments and the benefits they can provide for clients. She has continued to broadened her skills to include a wide range of massage and body therapies and is keen to tailor the perfect massage for each client’s specific needs.

Panatda’s goal is to develop the best therapeutic massage & day spa in Canberra. She believes that the best massage experience requires effective treatments administered by well-trained professionals with love.

The founder’s belief

1. I am a Christian and believe that Jesus is our Lord. We live in the way of God.

2.We love our Lord with all our heart and we love our neighbors as much as we love ourselves. Ask us about our special program for clients with disabilities.

3.We are faith-driven and are honest in our belief.

4.Everything we do, we give God the glory.

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